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Blade fell in love with a friends Soundlab DLP3's turntables as soon as he bought them from his neighbour at the age of 15. They where both totally clueless on the mechanics of mixing but his friend had some D&B tunes- so they set about annoying the neighbours from there. His friend moved away so Blade started mixing with 2 Alba Discmans and a mixer from Tandy. With no clue what to do he set about putting similar speed tunes together to see what happened. A few weeks later he realised that you need pitch shift like the turntables to beat match properly. Never being one to follow the crowd, Blade did not buy Soundlab turntables like everyone he knew but instead moved on to Numark 1910 turntables and mixer a few months later. This enabled him to learn how to beat match and start to progress into what you hear today.

Being fastidious, he took a while before he was ready to demo his skills to the world, at this point he was annoying friends with tapes. After killing his first Numark mixer he then killed a Numark DXM06, a Numark 950, some Gemini ones and all other mixers he touched. Finally he decided to buy Pioneer, the DJM300, which lasted four years until finally buying the DJM 600 which he uses now. Being very keen on making music too he was always at another friends house getting the knowledge on how to produce. Learning and getting to know Cubase VST. Blade went from programs Mixman, Fruity Loops and Reason until finally settling on Steinberg Cubase.
January 2006 Blade teamed up with extremely versatile MC Frisco, they recorded demo’s and started to produced tracks together. Most of DJ Blade and MC Friscos tunes are still in the basic form of production, they will be making Garage mainly, however they do dabble with many different genres and will produce various styles in the future. DJ Blade played parties, halls and internet radio stations in the years to follow; from here he began to enter all the battles and competitions he could find, reached some finals at local pub battles and had regular show and guest slots at many radio stations including Tease FM, Impact FM, World Dance Radio, UrbanBreakz, Subice, Phatbeats. The biggest venue Blade has played at was Brannigans, that held 1200 people.
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